EF Fulvic Acid Powder

Exceptional bio-stimulation potential

This product is a soluble yellow-brown powder, containing 70% fulvic acid, has a phenomenal nutrient-loading capacity (CEC of 1400). It is 85% soluble, while the insoluble component presents as a very fine silt which may need to be screened out when used with drip irrigation.  However the small particle size does not appear to cause blockage problems with most spray equipment.


  • This product offers all of the benefits listed for fulvic acid, including:
  • Plant immune system boost.
  • Promotion of crop residue decomposition.
  • Enhanced seed germination/early growth.
  • Improved nutrient uptake.
  • Microbial stimulation, drought resistance, mineral chelation/release, detoxification etc.

Application Rates

[table style=”1″]

 Seed Treatment:  1 kg/tonne of seed
 Fertigation:  1-3 kg per ha
 Foliar: 200-500 g/100 L water 
 Inclusion with fertlisers: 1-2% of total blend
 With herbicides and pesticides: 200 g/L of herbicide or pesticide