EF Multi-Cal

Three high quality calcium sources with the added benefit of carbon. 


 Calcium – 20%, Carbon – 10%, + Trace minerals

Multi-Cal is a combination of three high quality calcium sources with the added benefit of a carbon source. Mixing the calcium sources together provides plants with a great choice of plant available calcium while also providing a range of trace minerals.


  • Increased plant available calcium.
  • Improved soil structure.
  • Reduced runoff, erosion and soil crusting.
  • Helps rebuild the supply of soil organic matter.
  • Helps make essential nutrients more plant-available (e.g. nitrogen, phosphate, potash iron and zinc).
  • Deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.
  • Added benefits of Humic Acid which prevents leaching of calcium.

Application Rate

Pasture and Crops:                100-1000 kg/ha
Home Garden:                        200 g (2-3 handfuls) per m2

General Comments

On-farm pasture growth rates indicate that a combination of calcium products plus a carbon source is superior to an application of Ag Lime.

Control of broadleaf weeds – apply the above application rates every 2-3 months until the weeds begin to lose their vigour.

In dry conditions irrigate lightly with water.