We have done a lot of work over the years with the Koanga Institute – a nationally recognised seed-saving, permaculture research and sustainable education organisation dedicated to the protection, conservation and development of New Zealand’s heritage food plants. In 2012, The Koanga Potato Project began and is supported by Environmental Fertilisers. We designed a biological nutrient programme, including solid and liquid fertilisers.

With help from Grant Paton, CEO of Environmental Fertilisers, Kay Baxter, from the Koanga Institute, has worked out the following “recipe” for establishing a vegetable garden:

The recipe we use is as follows per square metre of garden bed, forked into the top 5-10cm before planting seedlings:

1. EF BAS 50 (Paramagnetic Rock Dust) 400 gms (once only)

2. Activated Carbon (Biochar) 400gms (once only)

3. EF Natures Garden Fertiliser 400gms

4. EF Nano-Cal 200gms

After seedlings are planted we sprinkle 100 gms of Natures Garden Fertiliser over each square metre, then we water the seedlings in with a watering can or two containing EF Fish Plus at 100 mls per 10 litres of water. This form of liquid fish is complexed with a carbon source, so does not burn up soil carbon or wash away fast like other forms of liquid fish.

If our crop is a heavy feeder (tomatoes, pumpkins (all cucurbits), corn, brassicas etc) we will apply 100 gms of Natures Garden Fertiliser per sq m each month for the following 3 months.

We will then apply a weekly foliar spray of EF Vegetative Foliar for a month or so then switch to EF Reproductive Foliar until harvest, unless the crop is a heavy feeding leaf crop and then we just continue with the EF Vegetative Foliar.

This level of applying nutrients will mean you are sequestering carbon, growing Nutrient Dense food and you don’t have to keep doing it forever. The higher brix ‘waste’ vegetable material generated can also be added to your compost heap, and you will continue to improve the quality of your food as you build up your soil.

See the letter from Kay Baxter in the testimonial section for further information on what she is doing.

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A number of our fertilisers are BioGro certified.  View our current Certificate (this is a 3 MB file).

Below is a list of our products suitable for the home gardener.  For further information contact:

1 Railway St, PO Box 204, Paeroa.  Ph: 0800 867 6737 Fax: 07 862 8169. Email: info@ef.net.nz

These prices, while regularly reviewed, are indicative only and can change without notice

Home Garden Solid Products

Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
Garden Mulch tonne $87.00 Great way of saving water and suppressing weeds
Compost tonne $172.00 Improve soil fertility by increasing microbial activity and storing plant nutrients
EF Nano Cal 20 kg $25.00 Fine micron calcium carbonate, trace minerals and sugar for beneficial soil bacteria
EF Natures Garden Fertiliser (NGF) 20 kg $41.00 Full spectrum biological soil & plant nutrition suitable for veges, flowers and fruit
EF Soil Force (BioGro) 20 kg $37.00 Composted RPR with humic acid, fish protein and basalt rock dust
EF Bio Rocket 20 kg $67.00 Soluble, humate stabilised, N, P, S and Ca to increase soil energy
EF Multi Cal 20 kg $25.00 Three quality calcium sources plus carbon to prevent leaching from root zone
EF Recharge (BioGro) 20 kg $25.00 Composted calcium carbonate with EF Raw Humates
EF Activated Carbon (BioGro) 10 kg $26.00 Bio-char is an enduring carbon source; amazing growth enhancement properties
EF BAS 50 (BioGro) 20 kg $18.00 Trace minerals from highly para-magnetic basalt rock dust
EF Soil Mag (BioGro) 20 kg $18.00 Composted magnesium-containing crushed serpentine rock, raw humates & fish
Raw Humates (BioGro) 20 kg $25.00 Good for improving water holding capacity of soil. Fungal food & nutrient stabiliser
EF Natures Organic Fertiliser (BioGro) 20 kg $37.00 General garden fertiliser. Blend Soil Force, Recharge & BAS-50.
EF Soil Conditioner (BioGro) 20 kg $15.00 Opens up compacted soils with calcium and sulphur

 Soil Testing and Recommendation

Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
Reams Soil Tests   $69.00 Tests the plant available nutrients in the soil
Fertiliser Recommendation   $144.00 Analysing the Reams Soil Test results, EF technical consultants will make recommendations suited to soil type and crop requirements

Home Garden Microbial Inoculants

Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
EF Combo 12 powder 1 kg $115.00 Predatory fungi & insect parasite mix for dealing with plant disease and pests, incl potato psyllid
  500 g $69.00  
  100 g $20.00  
1 kg $115.00 Endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi plus other beneficial soil microbes
  500 g $69.00  
  100 g $20.00  
EF Compost Tea Brewing Kit (20L)   $255.00 Brew your own compost tea (makes 1000L)- bio-stimulant, pest management tool
Replacement microbes & food   $127.00 For compost tea brewing.  Makes 1000L

Home Garden Liquid Products

Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
EF Humus Builder 1 L $15.00 Boosts photosynthesis, root growth, rhizosphere microbes and humus creation
  5 L $35.00  
EF Vegetative Foliar 1 L $15.00 Full spectrum foliar nutrition to boost yield of nutrient dense food
  5 L $39.00  
EF Reproductive Foliar 1 L $15.00 To ensure flower production and fruit set in tomatoes and fruit trees
  5 L $39.00  
EF Fish Plus (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Organic foliar feed. Contains hydrolysed fish and kelp
  5 L $50.00  
EF Liquid Kelp (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Full spectrum foliar and soil trace mineral supplement
  5 L $50.00  
EF Micronised Humates (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Humic acid based bio-stimulant with many benefits for soil and plant health
  5 L $70.00  
EF Liquid Alkaline Humates 1 L $15.00 Potassium humate based bio-stimulant with many benefits for soil & plant health
  5 L $55.00  
EF Activated Carbon Foliar (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Liquid bio-char is great carbon source (amazing growth enhancement properties)
  5 L $30.00  
EF A.C.E 1 L $15.00 Liquid fulvic acid. Add to foliar feeds, animal feeds & as a herbicide amelioration
  5 L $39.00  
Cal Phos (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Liquid micronised RPR to increase calcium & phosphate availability and boost brix
  5 L $26.00  
EF Bio Cal (BioGro) 1 L $15.00 Liquid calcium spray to lift crucial calcium availability in your soil
  5 L $28.00  
Glyphomate (weed spray) 1 L $21.00 Use this if you must use glyphosate herbicide. Reduces negative soil impact.
  5 L $92.00  


Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
Refractometers   $150.00 For measuring the brix (sugar content) of plants
Garlic Crushers   $46.00 Strong, robust garlic crusher for extracting juice from plants to measure brix levels
Hose venturi diluter units 5 L $18.00 Fast, convenient, liquid foliar feeding while watering your garden

 Animal Health Products


Product Size Price (incl GST) Notes
Stock Primer 1 L $15.00 Humate-based mineral drench/food supplement for chooks, dogs, cattle, sheep, horses
  5 L $55.00  
Stock Lick (powder) 20 kg $57.50 Top quality vitamins & minerals, amino and humic acids plus ag salt for healthy stock
Poultry Minerals (powder)
5 kg $29.00 Poultry food additive to enhance health, growth and egg production
Poultry Miticide 1 L $15.00 Biological mite control that enhances poultry health & egg production
  5 L $47.00  

The above prices while regularly reviewed are indicative only and can change without notice.