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Our aim is to provide you with a sustainable soil fertility programme, resulting in nutrient-dense pasture, crops and animal food products, for the health and well-being of all.

Biological Fertilisers

Healthy soils with diverse soil microbes are the aim of biological farming (also known as sustainable agriculture and eco-agriculture).  Years of chemical fertiliser application, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use have left many of our soils nearly devoid of the soil microbes needed to created healthy soils.  Symptoms of these sick soils are: weeds, insect pests, and sick animals.

The majority of our solid fertilisers are inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi – hence we call them biological fertilisers.  So while you are building your soil fertility with the minerals necessary for plants to grow to their full potential (to become nutrient dense food), you are also building up the soil life underground.

Many of our fertilisers are BioGro certified.  View our current CERTIFICATE 2021/22 (this is a 3 MB file).

Beyond Organics™®

The principles of organics is to produce food without synthetic pesticides and herbicides or chemical fertilisers.  Environmental Fertilisers combines the best of conventional and organic systems to out-perform either system alone.  The aim of  Beyond Organics™® is to produce nutrient dense food that is rich in the minerals (both macro and trace minerals) without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, so we can live our lives fully without supplements.

20 Years’ Experience

More than 20 years’ of New Zealand research and practical experience have gone into developing our range of products and fertiliser programmes.  Our fertiliser programmes are based on soil tests to understand what nutrients are in the soils (the reserves) which we compare with the plant available nutrients that the Reams Soil Test shows.  This comprehensive soil and/or plant testing ensures that customers get the maximum benefit from their investment in fertilisers (only what is required is put on) while meeting individual budgets and farming needs.

We know farmers are looking for effective alternatives to conventional methods and the enthusiasm of those already going down the biological farming track is infectious.  We can provide you with information and techniques to make the change.


  • Provides complete nutrition, the key to pest and disease management and animal health
  • Works with natural biological processes rather than against them
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Increases yield and quality of produce
  • Human health is benefited by consumption of nutrient-dense produce

Our Motto: Healthy Soil, Healthy Pastures & Crops, Healthy Animals & Healthy People.