World’s Greatest Detoxifier and Cell Re-Energiser

A.C.E is a natural organic electrolyte that can balance and energise biological properties it comes into contact with.  An electrolyte is any substance soluble in water or other medium that is capable of conducting an electrical current.



  • Creates optimum growth and cell replication conditions
  • Chelates metallic minerals into readily absorbable bio-available forms
  • Complexes with minerals and metals making them available to plant roots
  • Dissolves and transports vitamins, co-enzymes, auxins, hormones and natural antibiotics found throughout the soil
  • Can transport many times its weight in dissolved mineral elements
  • Catalyses vitamins within the cell
  • Increases metabolism of proteins
  • Enhances the permeability of cell membranes

Application Rates

Liquid Foliar Feeds             Add at 1% (1 lt / 100 lts) or 1-5 ltrs/ha
Animal Feeds                         Add at 1-5% (1-5 kg / 1000 kg of supplement)
Herbicide amelioration     Where herbicide use is necessary, add to herbicide dose at 1-4 L /ha depending on result required, (e.g. Granddaddy Docks – 4 L A.C.E + 4 L Glyphosate /ha

General Comments

A.C.E.should be added to all foliar feeds and animal supplements

A.C.E prepares minerals to react with cells

Used with herbicides it greatly reduces the dose required to kill weed species by increasing herbicide effectiveness. This reduces the mortality of beneficial soil algae, and the herbicide residues/metabolites remaining are eaten by soil bacteria which are attracted to fulvic acid as a food source