EF Stock Lick

A must-have for all stock and horses to ensure they are receiving all the vitamins and minerals they require to reach and maintain optimum health and performance.

EF Stock Lick contains only top quality vitamins and minerals including macro and micro minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, copper, boron, cobalt, zinc and B12) as well as amino acids, humic acid and Ag salt.

This product comes in 20 kg bags and is in powder/granular form rather than the traditional block form. This allows stock to quickly and easily consume the many vitamins and minerals they need. It also allows for some flexibility in the way that it is fed out; you can either leave the bag open in the paddock for stock to eat as they please or add it to hard feed.


  • Provides stock with the many vitamins and minerals they require.
  • Increased stock health.
  • Promotes increased energy as well as an obvious health improvement.
  • Minerals are the keystone of animal health and this product provides all minerals vital to animal health.
  • Enhances animal condition, well-being and growth rate.