EF Stock Primer

‘State of the art’ carbon based nutritional supplement and health promoter which has provided exceptional results and earned great popularity with New Zealand farmers.


  • Aids recovery from scours and dehydration.
  • Acts as a rumen buffering and detoxifying agent.
  • Aids digestion by improving the balance of digestive micro-organisms.
  • Improves metabolic rates, increasing feed utilisation and weight gains.
  • Enhances animal well-being.
  • Beneficial for most farm animals and birds, even household pets.

Application Rates

Can be drenched or added to water supply manually or via Dosatron

Calves     1-2 ml /L milk
Calves     1-5 ml /day or 50ml /60 days
Heifers     5-10 ml /day or 50ml /60 days
Cows       10-20 ml /day or 100ml /60days

Ewes/Rams  1 ml /day or 30 ml /60 days
Lambs, post weaning 0.5 ml /day or 15 ml /60 days

Adults        10-20 ml/day  or 150ml /month
Yearlings   5 ml /day  or 50 ml /month
Calves       1-5 ml /day  or 30 ml /month

Mature       20 ml /day or 100 ml /week
Yearlings/Foals    2 ml /day  or 10 ml /week

1-5 ml /dog /day added to food

 0.3 ml /bird /day

Overseas data indicates that this product is both antibacterial and viracidal and has been used against the following; E.coli, Salmonella.typhi, Salm cholera suis, Staph,aureus SG 511, Herpes Simplex-type 1, Adenovirus 2, Echo-viruses and Rota-virus.

Environmental Fertilisers makes no claims that EF Stock Primer is a veterinary medicine, but feedback indicates it has become very popular with farmers, lifestyle land owners and pet owners as a health promoter.