EF Bacillus Subtilis 

Improves the balance of beneficial micro-organisms 

Bacillus Subtilis contains in excess of 100 billion spores per gram.

Bacillus Subtilis is a liquid that contains spores of the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, known to inhibit the growth of mildew fungi.  This versatile new bactericide-fungicide can be used for seed, soil and foliar treatment.

Bacillus Subtilis releases metabolites during growth which destroy or suppress competing pathogens and inhibit growth of mycelium by preventing adhesion of pathogenic fungi to plant surfaces.


  • Triggers plant immune system activation
  • Improves plant/crop growth
  • Controls powdery mildew and downy mildew
  • Can be applied at any stage of the crop cycle
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Cost effective at approximately $12-15 / hectare

Application Rates

Seed Treatment:    Dilute 1:1000.  Lightly mist seed and re-dry before sowing
Soil:                      Dilute 1:1000.  Apply 100-200 L/ha
Foliar:                   Dilute 1:1000.  Apply 100-200 L/ha or to point of run off

General Comments

Bacillus Subtilis contains 100 billion spores per gram (500 billion per teaspoon).

Diluted 1:1000,  Bacillus Subtilis contains 100 million spores /ml of product

Not to be mixed with chemical bactericides

Do not spray at pressures above 80 psi – live bacteria