EF Bio – Rocket

The superior urea alternative

Contains nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, sulphur and trace minerals

A free flowing granular fertiliser, designed to be applied by most conventional spreading equipment. This state of the art fertiliser is designed to maintain soil nitrogen levels with the least impact on the soil environment. Both the grower wins and the environment wins – a win-win situation. The beneficial biology included in this fertiliser mix helps maintain the microbial work force.

  • Contains humic acid
  • Provides carbon for beneficial soil fungi and fulvic acid for soil bacteria
  • Reduces ammonia volatilisation (atmospheric loss)
  • Reduces nitrate leaching into ground water
  • Nitrogen is available to the plant as and when it needs it.
  • Use to maintain soil ERGS (energy for plant growth) and electrolyte (N) levels
  • Reduces the negative impact of nitrogen on rhizobium by reducing nitrate exposure.

Application Rates

Horticulture:              50-100 kg/ha 3 weeks prior to bud burst and 3 weeks after bud burst.
Pasture:                      50-100 kg/ha every 10-12 weeks or as required.
Annual Crops:             50-200 kg/ha or as a split dressing as required.


Calcium 35%, Nitrogen 20%, Phosphorus 1%, Sulphur 6%, Carbon 10% (as humic and fulvic acids)