EF Calcium Trigger

Increases the plant availability of calcium

Calcium Trigger targets the calcium reserve already in your soil that is unavailable to plants and releases it in a plant-available form (needed by all plants and beneficial soil microbes).

When combined with Humus Builder foliar sprays, calcium, sulphur, iron, nitrogen and phosphate are provided for plant growth.


  • An economic way to increase plant available calcium without the cost of lime.
  • Applied with Humus Builder provides nitrogen and phosphate for plants.
  • Stimulates root growth, allowing them to grow deeper into the soil to access more minerals.
  • Great way to quickly and cheaply increase calcium levels on lease blocks.
  • Good way to boost calcium levels for higher brix crop growth.

Mixing instructions for 100 L water

  1. Add 10 L Humus Builder to 80L de-chlorinated water (stand tap water in an open container for 2 hours to de-chlorinate) and mix well
  2. Add 0.5 – 1 kg Calcium Trigger premixed in 10 L water and mix well
  3. Top up to 100 L with water
  4. Ensure adequate agitation in spray tank

Application Rates

Apply spray mix at 100 L/ha every month, about a week after grazing.

General Comments

For corn/maize crops spray product at seedling emergence.

Best applied using hollow cone tips on spray boom (smaller droplet size) but can also be applied via rose nozzle.