EF Carbon +

Physical chemistry full of carbon atoms vs Chemical chemistry

Carbon- Plus is a powerful surfactant which improves moisture absorption thereby allowing more uniform germination, improving seedling emergence, and encouraging deeper rooting.  Faster nutrient transport within crops raise the yield when used with the same quantity of fertilizer normally applied.  Higher production weight in crops that mature earlier using less moisture.  Fruit and vegetables have higher sugars.

The pico-sized particles suspended in the Carbon-PLUS colloid*¹ (see explanation below) help transport beneficial molecules (water nutrients) onto the leaves for an improved uptake of these molecules by the plant. Pico-technology is one of the most promising realms of modern science.  A “Pico-Particle” in the Carbon-PLUS solution measures only one trillionth of a meter in length.  It is the tiny size of these particles that makes them effective in carrying other products that may blend with the Carbon-Plus solution into plant leaves and the transporting of these natural nutrients through the plants circulatory system.


  • Overcome dry-weather stress
  • Improved soil capillary movement of moisture and nitrogen
  • Enhanced health, production and taste of fresh produce
  • Blossom earlier and longer, with higher brix fruit that keeps well
  • Bloom more profusely attracting bees and multiplying yield
  • Longer storage life
  • Can be easily blended with foliar sprays throughout the growing season

Application Rates

 200ml per ha