EF Combo 13

Cicada infected by Beauvaria bassiana

A blend of 13 benefical soil bacteria and fungi


B.bassiana spore clusters

These organisms function as effective Bio-Insecticides, Bio-Fungicides, Bio-Nematicides and Bio-Miticides. They protect plants through mechanisms ranging from competition with plant pathogens through to direct parasitism of plant pathogenic fungi, nematodes and insect pests. They are effective against soil and foliage insect pests and disease-causing pathogens.


  • Suppression of plant diseases, parasitic nematodes and insect pests
  • Protects plant roots from insect and fungal attack
  • Infects and destroys a wide range of insect pests including grass grub
  • Infects and destroys a wide range of mites
  • Non-toxic with no withholding period

General Application Rates

Compost Tea:      Add 100-200 g /1000 L Compost Tea
Garden soil:          2g /10m2, diluted with fine sand or talc (or diluted with water and sprayed)
Orchard & Field: 1-2 kg /ha mixed with solid fertiliser or diluted with water and sprayed onto foliage and soil


Best applied under moist conditions. Moist soil ensures that spores have sufficient water to germinate and infect the host insect or pathogen, killing it before root/foliage damage occurs.

For cicadas and other pests that emerge from the soil, soil-apply early in the growing season before adults emerge. A second application a month apart may be necessary for severe infestations.

Once introduced into soil the beneficial fungi and bacteria should persist, although annual reapplication may be necessary in severe pest situations.

It is advised to commence a soil fertility building programme to build natural plant immunity rather than rely on chemical control, which destroys natural plant immunity and increases chemical dependency.