EF Nano-Cal

A Calcium catalyst for a “quick hit” – rapid release

Ca – 20%     Humic Acid – 10%     plus Trace Elements

A fine particle (less than 90 micron) calcium-based product with a soluble carbohydrate component (approx 5%).


  • Increased plant available calcium (Reams soil tested).
  • Up to four times more active than straight limestone products.
  • Contains soluble carbohydrate and some trace elements.
  • Contains the benefits of humic acid

Application Rates

100-1000kg/ha, usually only 20-25% of normal required lime application rates

Determined by soil analysis – Reams Soil Test in conjunction with CEC-Base Saturation test

General Comments

  • Nano-Cal now gives the grower total flexibility towards calcium management.
  • Nano-Cal can be applied at between 30-50% of normal Agricultural Limestone application. ie 300 – 500 kg/ha of instead of 1000kg/ha.