EF Natures Nitro 

Natural nitrogen bound in carbon



A high quality, two-in-one product.  EF Raw Humates has been added to improve the structure and condition of the soil and also help to detoxify the soil from harmful toxins.  It contains high levels of calcium and carbon, with the added benefits of sulphur, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and potassium as well as many micronutrients, all from natural sources.


  • Detoxification of chemically-stressed soils.
  • Improves workability of soil.
  • Provides a natural source of nitrogen to soil rather than an acidifying chemical form.
  • Contains the many benefits of added humates.
  • Improves water holding capacity of soil.
  • Helps to balance soil pH.
  • Increases plant nutrition by supplying readily available trace and minor elements.
  • Encourages root system development.
  • Increases plant recovery after mowing or other damage.

Application Rates

Dairy:                500-2000 kg/ha
Horticulture:     1000-2000 kg/ha

General Comments

BioGro certified.

Contains naturally-produced calcium nitrate and sulphate of ammonia.