EF Raw Humates 

All other fertliser inputs are more effective when applied with humates.

Humates are widely regarded as a premier source of organic matter, containing high levels of humic acid. Humates are recognised as the most effective of all soil conditioners.


  • EF Raw Humates have a very high cation exchange capacity (250) and excellent water holding capacity.
  • EF Raw Humates contains up to 60% slow-release humic acids, which are renowned for their capacity for nutrient release, improving soil structure and helping to maximise the benefits of applied fertilisers.

Application Rates


 Broadcast:       200 kg to 1 t/ha
 Banding:  200 – 500 kg/ha
 Mixed with Nitrogen:     50 kg/ha


General Comments

  • EF HUMATES do not contain high nutrient levels, but it can provide nutrient-release gains far beyond actual analysis.
  • All other fertiliser inputs are more effective when applied with humates.
  • EF Raw Humates are a valuable additive in drought conditions due to a water holding capacity of 61%. Humates are a highly effective additive, even applied at low rates like 50 kg /ha.