EF Soil Conditioner 

This is a high-quality solid fertiliser, providing calcium, sulphur and carbon to the soil while performing as a soil conditioner and amendment. It is great for treating heavy clay soils and soils that have been damaged through compaction (machinery and heavy stock).  It is also good for treating soils affected by salinity or that have had years of acidic fertiliser application. The main advantages of this product are its ability to improve soil texture, drainage and aeration, and to correct soil pH.


  • Restores a balanced soil condition following prolonged use of acid fertilisers.
  • Amends and reclaims soils high in sodium and magnesium.
  • Enhances water use efficiency.
  • Reduces runoff, erosion and soil crusting.
  • Helps to rebuild the supply of soil organic matter.
  • Helps to make essential nutrients more plant available (such as nitrogen, phosphate, potash iron and zinc).
  • Breaks up compacted soil and improves soil aeration.
  • Improves soil structure. Creates friable soil and builds deeper top-soil.
  • Allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.

Application Rate

Pasture and Crops:     50 – 300 kg/ha
Home Garden:            100-300 g (1-3 handfuls) /m2

General Comments

BioGro certified.

This product does not contain any major plant nutrients, so other calcium products should still be used in addition to soil conditioner to provide this for plants.

With hard, compacted soil or heavy, clay soils it is best to add this product to your fertiliser mix in low quantities (30-50kg/ha) each year for three or four years, for best results.

25-100% more water is available in Soil Conditioner treated soils vs untreated soils resulting  in less irrigation water required to achieve the same results.