EF Soil Force 

Biologically enhanced Calcium + Phosphorus Complexed with Beneficial Microbes + Organic Carbon

This fertiliser contains Sechura RPR providing valuable calcium + phosphorus + trace elements which is composted with humic acid, fish protein (EF Fish Plus), and a highly paramagnetic basalt rock dust (CGS 4400). During the composting process there is a huge increase in beneficaial soil bacteria and fungi.


Soil Force is the ultimate soil food and provides many benefits associated with increased fertility including improved yields, healthier plants and higher Brix levels.

Research confirms that high Brix levels are directly related to increased pest and disease resistance.

Soil-Force provides enhanced moisture + nutrient retention and a soil detoxifier.

Application Rates

Horticulture                    200-1000 kg/ha
Dairy                               300-500 kg/ha twice a year
Garden                            1-2 handfuls/m2

General Comments

BioGro approved.

Each tonne Soil Force contains the equivalent of 4 tonne compost.

Part of the response is based on the complexing of carbon and phosphate through the composting process.

Organic carbon has a detoxifying capacity that helps counter the excesses of modern agriculture.