EF Soil Mag 

Great for production levels and soil health

BioGro certified, this product is a solid fertiliser comprised of many naturally sourced macro and micro nutrients including magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, iron and some trace minerals.  EF Soil Mag is a very rich soucre of magnesium complexed with EF Raw Humates and EF Fish Plus.  It will increase soil fertility and stimulate soil life while providing a boost of magnesium to soils deficient in this nutrient.


  • A great natural source of many macro and micro nutrients.
  • Provides magnesium to soils with a deficiency in this mineral.
  • Stimulates soil biological activity, especially beneficial fungi.
  • Helps improve soil structure.
  • Provides a natural source of nitrogen to your soil rather than a chemical form.
  • Increases plant nutrition by supplying readily available trace and minor elements.

Application Rates

Dairy:             50-500 kg/ha
Horticulture:  50-500 kg/ha