EF Soluble Humates

Reduce Urea Costs by 30-60% and Save 50% on Nitrogen Costs

Dark brown 2-5 mm granules containing soluble potassium humates. This product is 90% soluble and comprises 70% humic acid and 10% potassium. The granules are ideally suited for addition to granular fertilisers, but they can also be readily dissolved without the dust factor associated with humate powders. The humic component of Soluble Humate granules includes a minimum of 16% fulvic acid. 


The rapid solubility of these granules facilitates successful fusion with soluble fertilisers, i.e. the fertiliser-enhancing effect is most pronounced if the granules dissolve at the same rate. Benefits include

  • Phosphate stabilisation by unlocking existing reserves and reducing lock-up of applied phosphate.
  • Long-life nitrogen – Urea, for example, will perform for 60 to 80 days longer.
  • Chelation and complexing of applied fertiliser.
  • Increased permeability of plant membranes, facilitating increased nutrient uptake via roots and foliage.
  • Removal of heavy metals from fertilisers.
  • Increased CEC (soil cation storage capacity), for better retention of both water and nutrients.
  • Protection from high sodium and pH-fluctuations –  humic acid is a natural buffering agent
  • Natural chelating capacity – increases plant-availability of all elements – highly effective in both soil and in foliar preparations.
  • Improved soil structure; increased friability.
  • Increased permeability of plant membranes, promoting the uptake of nutrients.
  • Improved enzyme production – plant enzymes are stimulated to produce more rapid growth.
  • Improved seed germination rate and germination time.
  • Increased aeration – root development is improved accordingly.
  • Save $120 per ha

Application Rates


Seed treatment:  1 kg to 2 kg /t of seed (100 g per hectare)
Planting Blend: 5% of total blend
Fertigation:  1-5 kg /ha as a stand-alone or 1 kg per 20 kg of soluble fertiliser
Foliar:   200 to 500 g /100 L depending on water rate


General Comments

Soluble Humate granules mix well with dry products, however they are not compatible with calcium nitrate, some sulphate-based trace elements, and some soluble, phosphate-based fertilisers.