EF Soluble Nitrocal

For a rapid boost to pasture or crop vegetative growth

Nitrogen – 15.5%,    Calcium – 20%

A white granular product containing high levels of calcium, one of the main macro nutrients needed by all plants, and nitrate nitrogen which is great for boosting vegetative growth. This product can be used as a solid fertiliser on pasture and as a side dressing on crops. Due to its highly soluble nature it can also be sprayed on or fertigated onto pasture or crops.


  • Increases calcium availability
  • Provides both nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen
  • Increases soil energy levels
  • Increases vegetative energy
  • Provides a rapid boost to pasture or crop vegetative growth
  • Can increase yields by 30% when using as a side dressing late in the crop growth cycle by keeping energy levels up

Application Rates

Determined by lab analysis – best assessed with a Reams Soil Test or Foliage Analysis.

Foliar Spray: 5-20 kg/ha, mixed with EF Humus Builder (10 L/ha) and EF Vegetative Foliar (5-20 L/ha)

Solid application: 50-100 kg/ha to pasture or as side dressing to field crops

General Comments

Store completely dry as it attracts moisture from atmosphere

Magnifies the effects of Humus Builder on pasture or crop growth

With Vegetative, the full range of growth nutrients and trace minerals are supplied directly to foliage

Foliar sprays are up to 20 times more effective at feeding plants than solid applications, so the inconvenience of pasture spraying is offset by the cost effectiveness and excellent results from foliar spraying