EF Effluent Treatment

Stimulates aerobic microbial activity in effluent ponds

EF Effluent Treatment helps create and maintain a balanced microbial environment in effluent ponds, thereby stimulating microbial digestion of organic matter. This fermented microbial culture contains a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, dormant organisms and growth promoters. In effect, it provides a rich food source for microbes as well as dormant aerobic bacteria species.

EF Effluent Treatment is suitable for all types of effluent management systems. A number of physical and chemical changes can be observed in ponds within four to six weeks of treatment, depending on the thickness of the surface crust.

Features and Benefits

  • Stimulates aerobic microbial activity in effluent ponds
  • Digests suspended solids into plant-available liquid nutrients
  • Reduces turbidity and increases the liquids to solids ratio
  • Reduces surface crusting, solid waste and the need for de-sludging
  • Reduces unpleasant odours
  • Suitable for: herd home floors, animal bedding, waste water treatment environments, septic tanks, composting

Initial Treatment

Dilute EF Effluent Treatment in water (1:20-40)

Agitate contents before use

Partially fill spray tank with water

Add required amount of EF Effluent Treatment

Fill the remainder of the spray tank with water

Spray evenly over the wet crust and the liquid portion of the pond

Use within 48hours of dilution

Pond Size Application Rate
25 x 50 metres(1,250 m2) 20L sprayed evenly across the pond water
25 x 75 metres(1,875 square metres) 40L sprayed evenly across the pond water OR two 20L sprays 14-21 days apart
40 x 100 metres(4,000 square metres) 60L applied as two applications:40L sprayed evenly across the pond water followed by 20L two days laterThree applications:20L sprayed evenly across the pond water at 14-21 day intervals

Ongoing Treatment

Agitate contents before use

Pour the required amount of undiluted Effluent Treatment onto the concrete yard before wash down

Herd Size

Application Rate

Up to 150 cows

1L / day

151-250 cows

1-1.75L / day

251-450 cows

1.75-3L / day

451-650 cows

3-4.25L / day

651-850 cows

4.25-5.5L / day

851-1250 cows

5.5-8.25L / day

Storage and Handling

Store containers out of sunlight and below 30°C

Shelf life: 6 months