Equine Stock Primer

A vitality-booster and health-enhancer for pets, work horses, show horses and performance horses.  EF Stock Primer is a Humic and Fulvic Acid based equine food supplement featuring chelated forms of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium. EF Equine Stock Primer has proven a highly productive mineral supplement in the New Zealand racing industry.


  • Detoxification is the pre-eminent consideration in a proactive health approach. EF Stock Primer Equine is a powerful detoxifier.
  • Appetite enhancement is important for high-performance animals. Race horses supplemented with EF Stock Primer Equine reportedly clean out their feed bins immediately after a race.
  • Digestion is improved, with an associated increase in mineral absorption; minerals are the keystone of animal health.
  • Promotes increased vigor and an obvious, visible health improvement.
  • Improves reproduction. 

Application Rates

Mature Horses:             10-20 ml/day or 100 ml/week.

Yearlings and Foals:      2 ml/day or 10mls/week.