Glypho-Mate – Weed Spray

If you must use herbicide use Glypho-Mate.  20-30% less glyphosate required.


A ‘State of the Art’ combination of glyphosate (360 g/L) combined with a biologically activated carbon source.


  • Fast acting.
  • Saves money and the environment.
  • Enhanced glyphosate uptake.
  • Improved plant residue breakdown.
  • No Pulse® or other surfactants are required.
  • No residues after glyphosate breakdown.
  • Faster brownout when spraying out pasture.

Application Rates

Boom or Aerial                  Ryegrass          3-4 L/ha
                                            Fescue             4-5 L/ha
                                            Yarrow             3-4 L/ha
                                            Couch              3-4 L/ha

 Knapsack or Handgun     100-150 ml/10 L
                                            1-1.5 L/100 L

General Comments

Glyphosate normally breaks down to formaldehyde (a preservative), thereby leaving residues toxic to beneficial bacteria, algae and fungi. The active carbon component in EF Glypho-Mate stimulates bacterial breakdown of glyphosate residues.