EF Compost Tea/Microbe Brewing Kit

Compost teas have application as a liquid fertiliser, a bio-stimulant and as a valuable pest management tool. Compost teas contain a diverse range of microbes and soluble compounds resulting from the multiplication and  breakdown of microbes contained in the starter compost.

The compost tea/microbe brewing kit contains:

  • Brewing equipment
  • Enough starter microbes to make 1000 litres of compost tea
  • Microbe food
  • Brewing and cleaning instructions

These brews are done in 20L lots.  After brewing for 12-24 hours, water the compost tea onto plants and soil.  The brew can be diluted.


There is a productive synergy when the complexed, colloidal minerals in compost combine with the billions of beneficial micro-organisms also found in the humus-based material. The addition of foliar fertilisers and trace elements act as a food source and stimulate the microbes to enhance fertiliser performance.

Compost Tea can be applied as foliar or soil drenches. Repeated Tea application gives a constant re-inoculation of beneficial micro-organisms.

Compost Teas are capable of increasing plant resistance to disease by stimulating the production of phytoalexins and other plant protective substances.

Application Rates

Chlorinated water should be aerated for 2 hours to remove this biocide before brewing.

Good leaf coverage is essential, 70% of the leaf should be drenched with tea for best results.

Do not spray at pressures above 60-80 psi.

Do not apply between 10 am and 3 pm as UV light can kill microbes.