EF Bio-Cal 

Biologically Enhanced Chelated Calcium

A revolutionary plant-available liquid calcium, combining enhanced absorption capacity and bio-stimulation with the highest percentage of chelated calcium ever achieved! Bio-Cal is chelated with 17 amino acids. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, 60 trace elements, 5 natural growth hormones and vitamin B 12 (a nutrient that has been shown to increase calcium uptake and bio-availability).


Calcium is the single most important nutrient in high-production agriculture. The benefits of a rapidly absorbed, chelated liquid calcium include the following:

  • The provision of calcium (and nitrogen) growth energy in calcium-deficient soils.
  • Direct calcium injection when high nitrogen and potassium are preventing calcium uptake.
  • Cell-strengthening capacity to enhance disease resistance.
  • A unique delivery system with improved translocation capacity, which ensures increased fruit calcium.
  • The reduction or elimination of many physiological disorders.
  • Enhanced quality, firmness and shelf-life of most fruit and vegetables.
  • Improved stress recovery and protection from toxins.

General Application Rates

Multiple foliar applications will provide the most pronounced results in intensive horticulture. In this context, applications should begin pre-bloom since calcium plays a major role in the development of plant and fruit cell walls, especially during the cell division stage. Regular applications should continue throughout the fruit development stage to supply the fruit with calcium.

Soil Treatment: 7 L/ha, plus 7 kg carbon or sugar /ha, can stimulate calcium and phosphate plant-availability.
Fertigation: 5 to 7 L/ha.
Foliar (pasture): 2 – 4 L/ha, foliar-sprayed at the 5-leaf stage and repeated just prior to flowering.
Foliar (horticulture): 3 – 5 L/ha, diluted at 1:100.  A Total of 20 to 40 L/ha per season, split into 5 to 10 applications, would provide the maximum results, but every application will be productive.

Specific Application Rates

Fruit crops: 5 – 7 L/ha per foliar spray. First spray just prior to flowering, then every 7 days throughout season.
Strawberries: 4 L/ha per foliar spray. First spray just prior to flowering, then every 7 days throughout season.
Tomatoes, capsicums, cucurbits and melons: 3 – 4 L/ha per foliar spray. First spray just prior to flowering. Second spray at fruit set then every 7 – 14 days until harvest.
Lettuce, celery, cob crops: 3 – 4 L/ha per foliar spray. Lettuce: First spray prior to head formation, then every 5 to 7 days during rapid plant growth. Celery, broccoli, etc: First spray when plant reaches 25cm, then weekly as needed.
Potatoes: 4 – 7 L/ha per foliar spray. First spray at tuber initiation then every 10 – 14 days as needed.
Onion, garlic, ginger, etc: 3 – 4 L/ha per foliar spray. First spray just before bulb formation then every 10 – 14 days as needed.





Please Note:

Bio-Cal should not be mixed with phosphate or sulphate-based fertilisers without a compatibility test.

Bio-Cal is compatible with most chemicals, but a jar test is always recommended.

General Comments

Chelators in this formulation are up to seven times smaller than other chelators, therefore provide enhanced bio-availability

98% absorption rate (1%-30% for other chelators)

Rapid assimilation (overhead sprinklers can be reactivated within 3 hours)

Stress reduction (no energy loss associated with amino acid utilisation)

Increased stability (more stable than EDTA or ligno-sulphonate chelators)

No phytotoxicity problems.