EF Cal Bor 

Micronised Liquid Boron

This state of the art boron formulation combines the benefits of micronised minerals, liquid kelp, microbial metabolites and natural growth hormones such as Triacontanol; with the chelating power of fulvic acid.


  • Allows organic growers to increase leaf boron levels
  • User-friendly
  • Aids in the development of sugars
  • Improves calcium transport in the plant
  • Improves intensity of flowering
  • Aids pollination

Application Rates

5-10 L/ha for small crops prior to flowering
10-20 L/ha for large tree crops

For best results spray foliage 2-3 times prior to flowering at 10 day intervals


5% Boron, in liquid suspension, contains microbial metabolites, vitamins, enzymes and natural growth hormones and fulvic acid.

General Comments

BioGro certified.

To improve sticking ability add a Bio-Gro approved Spray Oil

Apply with 5-10 L/ha of molasses

Use in conjunction with Compost Teas

Should be used in conjunction with an EF fertility building programme.