EF Cal Phos 

Liquid Calcium Phosphate

A powerful, BioGro certified colloidal calcium and phosphate-based liquid fertiliser with incomparable brix-building capacity.

When calcium and phosphate are combined, an insoluble compound called tri-calcium phosphate is the inevitable result.  In this break-through product we have overcome the insolubility barrier, utilising advanced fusion technology to stabilise these “incompatibles” into a fully soluble form. The result is a powerful, phosphate-based liquid fertiliser with incomparable brix-building capacity.

Plant growth is generated from the energy released from fertilisers rather than from the fertilisers themselves. There is a tremendous energy release when an anion like phosphate with a triple-negative charge is successfully combined with a cation like calcium with a double positive charge. Many growers are aware of the growth response from this clash of opposites, but until now it has not been possible to combine these two elements without an insoluble result. Cal-Phos also contains potassium and nitrogen in a high performance formulation designed specifically for foliar application.


  • Exceptional brix-building capacity.
  • Enhanced calcium and phosphate utilisation.
  • Improved photosynthesis.
  • Better root development.


  • Vigour and plant health promotion.
  • Enzyme activation.
  • Improved taste and shelf life.
  • Increased protein and dry matter.


Foliar Application Rates

Orchard Crops: 5 L/ha     Dilution rate: 1:100
Small Crops: 5 L/ha     Dilution Rate: 1:60–1:100
Pasture and Broadcare: 2–4 L/ha Dilution rate: 1:40
Lucerne: 2-4 L/ha  Dilution rate: 1:50
Aerial application: 1:10 dilution                  Note: This product can be further diluted if desired.


Application Times

Orchard Crops: 2 to 3 applications per season, during the fruit-filling period
Small Crops: (tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, cucurbits, etc),   1stapplication at 5-leaf stage
2ndapplication 30 days later
3rdapplication during fruit filling, tuber development (potatoes, ginger, etc), head filling (broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, etc) seed filling (sweet corn, beans, peas, etc)
Lucerne: One  application after each cutting