With amino acid chelated calcium

BioGro certified, natural blend of fish protein, polysaccharides, natural chelating agents, humic and fulvic acids, liquid vermicast and a plant extract called triacontanol, which provides a profound response in a variety of crops, producing yield increases in university trials of 9-121%.

Fish Plus can be used in both foliar and fertigation applications.  It  helps to build brix levels, increase stress resistance, frost protection, chelate minerals and stimulate soil life.


  • Excellent all –rounder for broad-spectrum nutrition and hormonal stimulation.
  • Safe to use on any crop.
  • Triacontanol is a photosynthesis-enhancer. Photosynthesis is the most important plant function.
  • Can be used frequently as it is not overloaded with NPK
  • Ideal as a rescue remedy following periods of stress – e.g. transplant stress, heat, frost, storm damage etc.
  • Non toxic

Application Rates

Foliar                          Use the higher rates for fertigation:

Small Crops                3-5 L/ha every week to 10 days
Orchards                    5-7 L/ha every 4 weeks
Pasture                      2-3 L/ha 30 days after germination and just prior to flowering.

Dilution Rates:         

Foliar 1:100
Ground 1:20
Aerial 1:1
Seedling Soak 1:200