EF Vegetative Foliar

A growth foliar for keeping Brix levels up when plants are in their early vegetative stage.

A specifically formulated foliar designed to maximise the vegetative capacity of crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals. A power-packed product full of growth promoting minerals, chelated with fulvic acid, kelp, fish, amino acids, vitamins and natural growth hormones.


  • Healthy vigorous growth
  • Improved root structure
  • Enhanced plant mineral levels
  • Increased natural growth hormone levels
  • Better fruit size and flavour

Application Rates

 Irrigation and Foliar:    5-20L/ha          Smaller areas: dilute 1:100 and spray to point of runoff

Dilution Rate

1:100 (minimum) i.e. 10ml foliar to every 1 litre of water.

Pasture and farm crops

Apply at 3-5 L /ha at 4-6 week intervals or as necessary after recovery from grazing to increase growth.  Apply with Humus Builder and NitroCal to provide regular foliar nutrition and boost feed nutritional value.

Vegetable and fruit crops

Foliar spray at monthly intervals to increase brix levels. Apply pre-flowering to fruit trees with calcium and after fruit set to provide calcium and to fill fruit.