EF P.S.A. Brew (Foliar Feed)


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A mineral and microbe foliar fertiliser containing Pseudomonas fluorescens fortified with EF Combo 13 and microbe food.  Combo 13 contains a blend of 13 beneficial soil and leaf bacteria and fungi. This function is known as Quorum Sensing.


  • Increases beneficial microbial diversity on vine foliage and in soil
  • Non-toxic with no with-holding period

General Application Rate

Foliar spray: Apply 100 L/ha at 2-4 week intervals during wet conditions and the pre-flowering and flowering periods.

Add EF Fish and EF Kelp at 3-5 L each per ha and Activated Carbon Foliar at 10 L/ha.  From fruit set avoid products which could stain developing fruit (eg Activated Carbon Foliar; Micronised Humates).

This product contains living microbes.  Apply within 3-5 days.  Do not spray at above 60-70 psi pressure.

Note:  Longer spraying intervals may reduce effectiveness of P.S.A. Brew. Biological soil management is considered to be the crucial long-term, effective solution towards improving plant health.  A biologically and minerally balanced soil is considered to be the most sustainable long term approach.