Natures Organic Fertiliser 

BioGro-certified EF Soil Force blended with compost, EF Recharge and Paramagnetic Rock Dust

Natures Organic Fertiliser contains BioGro-certified EF Soil Force (Reactive Phosphate Rock composted with fish protein (EF Fish Plus) and humic acid), EF Recharge (composted calcium carbonate with humates, and fish) and Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust. This blend has been composted and during the composting process there is a huge increase in beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.


  • Enhances plant resistance to insect attack through increased sugar production.
  • Enhances the mineral density of food for human and animal consumption.
  • Increases beneficial soil life activity.
  • Builds organic soil carbon levels and soil structure
  • Improves yield and crop quality.
  • Increases nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere and solubilisation of locked up phosphate reserves
  • Stimulates root growth.

Application Rates

Use 1-2 handfuls per plant or per square metre every 2-6 months.

General Comments

Each kilogram of Natures Organic Fertiliser is equivalent to 4 kg of compost

Improves biological balance with all the associated benefits.