Reams Soil Testing Service

While most soil tests show the total amount of nutrients present in the soil, the Reams soil test shows the amount of nutrients in the soil that are available for plants to use. The Reams soil test is quick to do and gives the grower rapid insight into the available-nutrient status for any crop at any time in its growth cycle.

The Reams soil test was developed by Dr Carey Reams who developed the advanced Theory of Biological Ionisation for optimising soil fertility and plant nutrition.  The Reams Theory of Biological Ionisation is based around energy.  Environmental Fertilisers have adopted this approach to soil and crop management and the impressive results being obtained in the field speak for themselves, with increasing numbers of farmers and growers in New Zealand adopting this system.

A key proponent of the Reams approach is Dr Arden Andersen who has conducted many workshops in NZ.  The Reams soil test used in conjunction with an acid-based soil extraction test (such as the Southern Cross University or Hill Laboratories) gives the farmer/grower a clearer picture, of both the total and plant-available nutrients in a particular soil.

This is not an organic approach to growing but a high-tech scientific approach where the biological, chemical and physical worlds meet at the highest level.

Using calcium as an example; with an acid-based soil extraction test, it is often found that a soil contains 6000-10,000 kg of calcium per ha.  But the Reams test identifies that only 300-800 kg per ha is plant-available Ca for immediate growth. When this is calculated into potential crop yields, Ca becomes a yield-limiting factor and must be addressed to prevent suboptimal yields. With the Reams test data the grower is alerted to this and can address plant needs to increase yield.

The information provided on the report is user-friendly and comes with an optional recommendation.

Fertiliser Recommendations

Environmental Fertilisers can use the information from the Reams tests and the acid-based soil extraction test (Southern Cross University or Hill Laboratories) to develop a fertiliser recommendation that suits your produce, farming type, or crop. These recommendations cost $180.00 (incl. GST) which is refunded when you purchase fertiliser over 5 tonnes of fertiliser.


  • A New Zealand laboratory with rapid turn-around of results.
  • Precise nutrient assessment at any part of the crop growing cycle.
  • Rapid nutrient adjustment to maintain optimum growth rate is possible.
  • Allows the grower to manipulate crop energy level and switch from vegetative growth (vigorous foliage growth) to reproductive growth (flowering and fruit set) at will.
  • Specific crop growing programmes are available. For example, a lettuce requires different energy inputs than a tomato plant.
  • Very cost effective.

Sampling Requirements

  • Samples should be taken as per normal soil testing procedures (ie. from random places in the paddock or garden)
  • They should be representative of the area sampled
  • A 15cm deep soil core is recommended.
  • Take 10-15 soil cores per sampled area depending on the plug diameter

Note: If sampling grazed pasture, avoid dung and urine patches, camping areas, water troughs and gateways.

Reams Test Package

ERGS (energy released per g of soil)
ORP (oxidation reduction potential)
Key nutrient ratios: available Ca:Mg and P:K

Cost per soil sample

Varies depending on which tests selected.  All Pricing is on our Soil and Plant Testing Request Form.

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