EF Recharge 

A calcium catalyst

Ca – 20%     Humic Acid – 10%     plus Trace Elements

This revolutionary calcium based product contains biologically available calcium for immediate plant uptake, with the added benefit of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. It is chelated with humic acid, fulvic acid and ulmic acid and includes the added benefits of seaweed and fish hydrolysate.


  • Increased plant available calcium.
  • Up to 10 times more active than straight agricultural limestone.
  • Contains beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.
  • Contains the benefits of humic acid.
  • Easily applied with conventional ground and aerial applicators.

Application Rates

100-1000kg/ha; usually 1/4 – 1/5 of normal lime application requirements.

Determined by soil analysis – best assessed in conjunction with a Reams Soil Test and CEC/Base Saturation test

General Comments

BioGro certified.

A trial conducted in the Waikato by a seasonal dairy farmer resulted in a 4 unit lift in soil pH and a lift of 1100 kg/ha Reams available calcium when applied at 500kg /ha. Other consultants had advised application of 8-10 tonne per hectare of agricultural lime, costing $300-$500/ha.

The net saving for the dairy farmer was $200-$400/ha.